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A few weeks ago one an idea for a wonderful random act of kindness went viral, best of all it is simple and serves a great need! Did you know that when a child carries a negative lunch balance that they are given the bare minimum (which in our district equates to a cheese sandwich, a fruit and water)? There was a swell of people who went to their local schools and paid off students balances, or put money to a filler account if the school has that option- I was MOVED!

I don't think anyone sees school lunches as the lap of luxury.  Our school does a fabulous job with putting out good options but all I could think about was a child that has courageously sat through 3 hours of school, after possibly not having a breakfast, just to be greeted with a slice of cheese between pieces of bread and rubbery pear slices. Our school district lets you run up to a $10 debt before you are only allowed the redistricted meal.

It was SO easy to pay off balances! I walked up to the lunch room cashier (NOT during lunch times for their sanity) and asked if there were students that carried a negative balance that weren't able to get a full meal. The response was "yes, a bunch- I had one in thismornin', poor baby that ain't had it 3 weeks" -we live in the south, that was a telling direct quote- She had love in her voice. You know it breaks their hearts wide open to be serving food but not be "allowed" to give it to a child. 

Cost: give what you can

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