ding dong ditch

I was a pretty straight laced kid, I can't remember a time when I ding ding ditched for real, but I have to say as a grown-up, its pretty freaking fun.

For this 2nd day of Random Act of Kindness Week we chose to doormat ding dong ditch a sweet couple from our church. I have also diaper ding dong ditched where you leave a box of diapers and a note on an unsuspecting doorstep. The possibilities are truly endless- you could get chocolate ding dongs from the grocery store, or Dr Peppers.
The hardest part of this random act of kindness was getting the boys to be quiet. They were all up for the parking far away and sneaking up part, but the quiet ditch was a little stressful, but honestly I think it will be one of the longer lasting memories. Now, lets see how long they can keep the secret!!!

Cost: $7 for our mat

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