supersonic kindness

Do you have the gem that is Sonic drive-thru by you?
I craved Sonic something fierce when I was pregnant because they have the good ice. You know those amazing pellets perfect for chomping. Oh man I would buy the stuff by the bag full.

You probably know by now that I love to give $5 Starbucks cards but $5 Sonic cards are a close second. 2-4pm is half price happy hour here and we can get our family of 4-5 (depending if Daddy is home) whichever slushes their hearts desire for $5. It's so nice to be able to say "yes" when your kids ask for a special splurge, isn't it.

So today we shared the Sonic love and I hope whoever used it enjoyed their cherry-limeade or Rt44 Sweet Tea, or orange creamsicle slush

Cost: $5

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