won't you be my neighbor

It was 0 dark thirty out, 6:30am to be exact and for some reason my boys woke up chatter boxes. As we waited down the street in a random person's driveway for the bus lights to crest the hill I realized that these poor neighbors had NO say whatsoever in having a gaggle of kids babbling feet from their bedroom windows every morning at 0 dark thirty. They never yelled out of their window to keep it down, they never forgot to lower the shades and give elementary students a show, they never tried to leave their garage and risk running someone over- they were saints if you think about it. So we got to thanking, using Lil miss Gratitude postcards and dropped it in their mailbox. A little thanks to someone who might be overlooked. 

Cost: free
though the $12 set of postcards can be bought here

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