special delivery

We big pink puffy heart our mail lady!
It started a couple years ago when I was potty training my middle son and he went 24 hours with no accidents, used his own initiative to make it to the bathroom in time, you know, light at the end of the tunnel type stuff as a Momma! We celebrated by getting a happy meal and having our first end-of-the-driveway picnic. I'm sure the people driving by thought I was a nut case, or locked out, but when the mail lady came to deliver our bills mail and I explained that it was a Potty Training Party she got out of the car and came gave him a high 5 and told him how proud she was of him! At the time I didn't know her from a stranger and it meant the world to me that she 'got it' and made it a big deal for him.

We left a few goodies in the mailbox to be discovered- a drink and a couple bags of munchies. I would have rather given chocolate chip cookies or something but with allergies becoming such a big deal I figured pre-packaged was the way to go.
--I wrote mail person because with summer vacations and coverage our regular lady hasn't always been on our route- I did peak out the window and saw it was her getting the goodies though ;)--

Cost: use what you've got

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